Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New From Chris Hibbard - Free to $2.99

 I've reviewed all of these. The first two are free short stories. I'm sure you've all seen "When God Whispers Loudly." It has over 1100 reviews to date. His new short is titled "In God's Eyes" and it's just as good as his first. In the eighteen months he's had books in the kindle store his books have been downloaded 350,000 times! I'm sure you've seen them hanging out at the top of the Amazon bestsellers lists for Christian fiction. The price of his first full-length book, Journey to Terreldor, just dropped to $0.99 when book two, Terreldor at War, was published. It's a clean time-travel series that's well suited to a teen audience as well as for adult sci-fi fans. Check it out.

Always check prices before buying. Many prices are for a limited time only and may vary by region. If you don't see any book covers you need to "enable images" in your browser settings.
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