Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Christmas Fun! Author Jim Wall Giveaway Sponsor Spotlight

Today let's visit with author Jim Wall.

Dr. Jim Wall has dedicated his life to serving the local church, pastoring jsmall-town churches, teaching pastoral university students and planting seventy-six churches in three countries—including the 4,000-soul Community Church in Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA (communitychurch.info). He currently serves as the founder and executive director of the Acts 2 Network or A2N (acts2network.org), coaching church leaders around the world. Jim stands ready to help you, and your church go to the next level of effectiveness for Jesus.

Jim's Featured Book is: 

The Church has lost its voice in America. It’s time to get it back.
Most people still believe in God. Many of them hold a negative view of church. Frankly, they’ve given up on it. And it’s only getting worse as time goes on. Though some churches are growing, church attendance overall continues to shrink, while our culture sinks deeper into darkness. A world—increasingly desperate for hope—is begging us to do something right now to restore the voice of hope in the world. We must act now.

In Unmuted: Restoring Your Church’s Voice, you will find everything you need to do just that in your community, using the six primary dynamics established by the original Acts 2 church:

• They were unified around a God-given vision
• They were empowered by the Holy Spirit
• They preached a relevant, simple truth
• They were hungry to know God
• They genuinely cared for one another
• They unselfishly cared about the community around them

Incorporate these six dynamics into the unique DNA of your church and you will raise a generation of mature, close-knit Christians, committed to defining their lives by the God-given vision of making disciples of everyone, everywhere. You will also see your church’s influence grow. You can still make a difference in your world! 

Let's get personal!  What is a traditional food your family has every Christmas

We have "Tunnel of Fudge" cake. It is a chocolate cake with fudge added to the cake batter. For some reason, all of the fudge collects in a ring within the cake creating a tunnel effect. We freeze it and eat it like a Popsicle.

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