Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas Fun! Author Mari L. Barnes Giveaway Sponsor Spotlight

Today Let's Visit with Author Mari L. Barnes.

Mari L. Barnes writes for children under the pen name of Mari Lumpkin and for adults as ML Barnes. Her books, Parting River Jordan and Crossing River Jordan, are proof that church can be funny. Mari’s company, Flying Turtle Publishing, specializes in books that families can share. She lives in Indiana with the Word's Greatest Husband and a temperamental garden.

Mari's Featured Book is Parting River Jordan:

Deanna “Dee” Ramsey is NOT nosy; she’s just concerned. And the happenings at church are giving her lots of reason to keep her eyes and ears open. Then the retirement of Rev. Amanda Alden, founder of River Jordan Full Gospel Church, initiates a power struggle between the smooth-talking Rev. Albert Beem and the formidable Mother Marva Jessup, long-time president of the Mothers Board. Things go from bad to worse when the feuding factions separate into TWO churches and try to share the building they’ve literally split down the middle.

After the separation, the Mothers Board quickly hires a handsome young single minister for their church. Pastor Darnell Davis’s energy and attitude bring out the worst in Rev. Beem. Despite his best intentions, Pastor Darnell finds that Rev. Beem has the same effect on him. While the two ministers battle for the hearts and minds of the members, Pastor Darnell finds himself doing Romeo and Juliet with Rev. Beem’s only daughter!

After an electrical fire disrupts the “Stupid Bowl Service,” Deanna overhears part of a conversation and learns that the fire was no accident. Someone is plotting to destroy River Jordan. Can Dee uncover the plan and save the church or will Parting River Jordan be the end of everything? 

Let's Get Personal! What is your all-time favorite Christmas movie?

My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Carol, the 1951 version with Alastair Sim. It wouldn't be Christmas without it.

Join Mari on her blog as she shares a favorite recipe with our readers:

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