Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Fun! Author Susette Williams Giveaway Sponsor Spotlight

Let's get to know Author Susette Williams.

Susette Williams is the mother of six, and has been married to her husband for 31 years. She loves writing various genres; anything from romance, mystery, and suspense to name a few. She usually can't resist the urge to let her ornery sense of humor shine through in one of her characters and has always believed that laughter helps you deal with the obstacles life puts in your way.

Susette's featured book is Mail Order Brides, Jessie's Bride:

Jessie Kincaid doesn’t plan to follow in his three older brothers’ footsteps, which seems to include being bachelors. There might be twice as many men as women in their town, but there are still other ways to go about finding, or competing, for a wife.

Jessie begins writing Sarah Engle in hopes that she will become his mail order bride. Even though there are miles between them, he feels connected to her. He sends her money, along with a stage coach ticket, to come see him so that they can be married.

Not everyone is happy with their decision to wed. When the preacher said, till death do you part, did he mean literally? Or can a mail order bride and her groom truly have a happily ever after ending? 

Let's Get Personal!  What is a traditional food your family has every Christmas?

We love to have Oatmeal Carmalitas, Pumpkin Roll, Tuna Dip, Dill Dip with vegetables and rye bread to dip, and Christmas is the only time of the year (other than bridal or baby showers) that I made punch. These are all special treats that we generally only eat during holidays.

Check out one of Susette's favorite holiday recipes on her blog:

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