Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Note to Our Followers and Tuesday's Free Book - The Daily Walk Bible NLT: 31 Days with Jesus

Thank you to all our friends who emailed us concerning the questionable book we posted a few days ago. We appreciate your feedback as we can't possibly read each book before it is posted. We rely on reviews and also continue to rely on the relationships we form with authors and publishers to determine what we post. Please note: We are merely pointers, steering you in the direction of good deals. The ultimate choice to download is yours. Please screen books according to your own standards, especially before sharing your Kindle with your children. We have noticed even the large Christian publishers have become more relaxed in what they publish, as we have turned down several in the past few months. The world is changing but our standards have not. This is a clean, Christian site to the best of our abilities but we are humans and not computer bots so we will make mistakes. This is not just a blog to us, either. It's our ministry and we take it very seriously. Thank you for following along.
Tattie and Laura

Always check prices before buying. Many prices are for a limited time only and may vary by region. If you don't see any book covers you need to "enable images" in your browser settings.

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