Monday, July 13, 2015

Book Spotlight - FREE TODAY - Wordplay 2: Biblical Tales of the Lawyer's Lullaby, a Maze in Grace, and More (Christian Parables)

The Bible Smoothie Has Returned! New Tales for the Tablet of Your Heart (II Corinthians 3:3)

A little girl learns about the conditions of faith in an unlikely place. And a determined lawyer hires a detective to solve a mystery inside a courtroom. The 'bible study smoothie' has returned with fun, new, mystery-laced, tales for a better bible memory as fun as you can "imagine!"

Book 2 continues its unique 'blend' of once-upon-a-time & in-the-beginning, so several scriptures share the same short story scene (with symbolism). Taste the difference of a less traditional, more fun, learning method with WordPlay for the "tablet of your heart (II Corinthians 3:3)."

Check Out Other Parables Inside!

Finding Victory - Parable of A Maze in Grace
Folly & Simplicity - Parable of The Counselor's Gift
Bible's Purpose - The Thirsty Cup Parable
Staying Connected - The Batteries-Not-Included Parable
Even find yourself inside one parable. But which one?
And plenty more parables inside!

The Smoothest Bible Study Spinoff.
Each new parable includes its own family skit, discussion questions, story symbolism, and an Instant-Replay Index for group learning! Bible study like never before with WordPlay, in more ways than one!

"If we don't change our absence of mind, then we don't mind our absence of change." - Jwyan C. Johnson

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