Sunday, August 16, 2015

Book Spotlight: WordPlay: Biblical Tales of the Ventriloquist, the Blind Architect, and More

How Fun is Your Bible Experience?

Change bible study into a memory playground with WordPlay: mystery tales animated by several scriptures sharing the same story scenes, all with the symbolism of today.

Watch as a Hide-n-Seek champion finds himself inside a 'new game' hidden from him! Discover a mysteriously famous ventriloquist revealing the 'real dummy' to a potential fan. And experience many more. Even find yourself as a story character! But which one?

Toss Your Yellow Highlighter Today!

Each new parable includes its moral, story symbolism, fun facts, an instant replay index, and even a family skit! Like a roller-coaster of biblical twist-n-turns, take a ride with family and friends in fellowship. For all ages!

Check Out Others Inside This Book:
The Blind Architect Parable
The Smarter Copycat Parable
The Unsuspecting Suspect Parable
The Parable of The Patient's Patience
And More Parables Inside!

Collect the Entire Series:
Christian Parables 1: Tales of the Ventriloquist, the Blind Architect, and More!
Christian Parables 2: Tales of the Lawyer's Lullaby, a Maze in Grace, and More!

"If we don't change our absence of mind, then we don't mind our absence of change" - Jwyan C. Johnson

$0.99 for a Limited Time!

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