Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Book Spotlight - Nathalie: The Circuit Rider's Rhineland Mail Order Bride

Can Practical Nathalie Find Love in the Strong Arms of an Intellectual Dreamer?

Nathalie Luxe is a young German girl alone in New York in this sweet historical romance. When her livelihood is threatened, she is ready to put her business sense and work ethic to the test.

Silas Jacobson scoffs at her idea. "I don't want your money, or your pledge, Fraulein Luxe. But don't worry; from the goodness of my heart, I've included a few investment recommendations in your paperwork. I'm sure one of them will work out for you."

Isadore Maduro is a Jewish American with his head in the clouds and a law degree to finish while he struggles to keep the family business afloat. In debt to Silas and in need of a wife, he requests an extension and an introduction to a bride willing to join him in South Dakota.

Will Isadore keep his agreement to stick only to business? How will Nathalie manage when he is unexpectedly appointed to ride the circuit as a temporary judge?

When she needs him the most, will Isadore's commitment to justice override the love he feels for her?

This is Book 2 in the Sweet Land of Liberty Brides series. Find out if a German girl on the prairie frontier can find love and happiness in this sweet, clean and inspirational Mail Order Bride historical romance.

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