Friday, September 11, 2015

Free Today! 30 Prayers Of Praise: Becoming A Habitual Worshipper Through 30 Days Of Prayer

In all that He is and all He has done God has proven Himself to be worthy of our praises.

We worship Him not only because of His magnificence but because of His "worth-ship." There is no one like our God, Who through His mighty hand has created all things. Yet despite His glory, He by His beautiful heart has given up everything to love us and save us while we were yet sinners.

God in His love is worthy of all our adoration. He deserves our continual affection and we ought to make it our habit to praise Him always. We know that God is near to those who worship Him and that He inhabits the praises of His people. Therefore if we'd like to draw nearer to Him we should worship Him daily.

Over these next 30 days consider devoting yourself to prayer and having a heart of worship. Release your heart to God and worship Him as He inhabits your praises. In this you'll form a habit of worship through a consistent daily devotion.

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