Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Free Today. Book Spotlight - Faith and the Parable of the Blindfold: A Fun Biblical Adventure to Find, Keep, and Test Your Faith through Symbolism

Thomas tip-toes out of a land controlled by Lady Luck, hoping he's unseen. And with only the gift of a secret map, he begins a biblical adventure to a new place located in the deepest yet highest of levels - Faith. It is here where one mysterious blindfold unlocks Tom's other "senses" and explains why "patience" and "patients" sound the same only in his hometown! Will Tom Leave Lady Luck for Faith?

Use your imagination to "juggle" mystery with symbolism: new parables animated by bible verses - or WordPlay!

Several scriptures share the same short story scenes with the symbolism of today! It's WordPlay, in more ways than one. Join Thomas Walker and other symbolizing characters in this new biblical tale! And juggle 17 scriptures with a new imagination all at once inside his short journey. Discover faith and how it works!

Also Inside This Book:
Story Symbolism
Fun Facts
Hyperlinked Scripture Index
A sampler from the WordPlay Series

*Bonus* Discussion Questions

Lead yourself or your group into a biblical discussion, devotional, and a chance to test your faith.

*2nd Bonus* Family Skits

Rehearse with your family and friends in fellowship, or your bible study group.

Witness an eye-opening blindfold from the better bible memory method of Christian Parables which "scripts your scripture without the versus of verses," enjoy!

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