Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Author Sponsor Book Spotlight - Crowned (Girls of Wonder Lane) by Christina Coryell

Harley Laine is Louisville’s hottest rising reporter, and she knows that setting herself up at the top requires dressing for success. From all appearances, she has it all–a perfect job, great car, beautiful house, and designer clothes. A high-powered, successful man in her life might help her take things to the next level.

Ryan Temple is definitely not that man. Everything about him is absolutely wrong, from the way he dresses and his methods of employment to his living situation and his spiritual body art. He’s not even the kind of guy who would normally turn Harley’s head…but she can’t seem to get him off her mind.

When a gruff old biker and a teenage girl threaten to derail her planned rise to the top, will a quest for fame still be what her heart desires?

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