Saturday, December 12, 2015

Author Sponsor Book Spotlight: The Mayweather Christmas Quest (Christmas Holiday Extravaganza) by Dana Pratola

The forecast is for snow...but she’s dreaming of more than a white Christmas.

Olympia Mayweather is sure there's only one way to find a husband - through a family tradition that says she must kiss the man of her dreams in a Christmas snow. When a reporter comes to interview her for the local paper, she’s afraid he’s going to make a mockery of her, ruining her chance for a Christmas love.

David Santina isn’t sure a magical kiss will make Olympia a bride. But spending time with the charming woman and getting to know her just might make David believe in fairy tales. He’ll protect her from a tabloid story, but who is going to keep him from completing The Mayweather Christmas Quest?

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