Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Book Spotlight: Change Of Plans (Christian Inspirational Contemporary Clean Romance) by Barbara Howard

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She is the fastest woman you’ve never heard of…

Tricia Baker has a goal—to win Olympic gold. Some people might think she’s overconfident; Tricia simply knows she has what it takes. She’s just completed her college degree and is all set to qualify for the Olympic team.

When a freak accident derails her plans, she has to pick up the pieces along with her crutches. She’s on her own. But that’s okay, she’s strong. She’s had to be; she’s been pretty much on her own her entire life.

Instead of Olympic glory and signing endorsement deals, she’s on a Greyhound bus to the town of Acerton to take a teaching job. The bus trip was a pain in the ear, and the guy giving her a lift to her new place brings new meaning to the word rude. Someone ought to teach that Matt Doyle a thing or two about manners.

When she learns at school that ‘Mister Doyle’ is her supervisor…oh boy, this might have been a mistake.

Since childhood, she’s never had a family. As a young girl in foster care she never had any true friends. All through college, her focus on her Olympian dreams shut out any chance of love. In Acerton, Tricia has to deal with a great deal more than a change of plans. Yes, she’s strong. But is she brave enough to open her heart to those around her?

A sweet and clean Christian romance that will touch your heart.

As one reviewer said, "I started reading this book, I could not stop. It even reduced me to tears, and that is something a book has never done before. Keep up the great work!"

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