Thursday, March 17, 2016

Book Spotlight: Dear Jane by Barbara Howard

When she falls for him, he hits the door…

Jane Martin has forsworn love. The Lord must have other plans for her; why else would He allow her heart to be broken time after time?

Okay, the first time was in high school. Nonetheless, she was so in love with Mike. They were going to build a life together. When he dumped her, she thought her life was over. But faith and her family got her through.

When she went on the mission to South America and met Jim it was perfect. The two of them working side by side, doing the Lord’s work in a challenging setting forged a bond that would last forever. Until Jim fell in love with her sister Haley.

It was years before she would risk loving again.

Ryan was worth the wait. Until he wasn’t. He broke it off because he ‘Needed to pursue his career’. He didn’t even have the guts to tell her to her face; he wrote her a letter and disappeared.

Okay then—she’d concentrate on building her career. The status, money and power as an executive will enable her to do a lot of good. If she’s going to be a spinster, then she’ll be a rich one. Everything is thrown into a shambles when her company hires an outsider for the promotion she was in line to get! An outsider named Ryan Daley! He broke up with her so he could ‘pursue his career’. Fine.

Why in the world is he now pursuing her? Does he take her for that much of a fool? IS SHE THAT MUCH OF A FOOL?

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