Monday, March 14, 2016

Book Spotlight: Love So Divine by JoAnn Durgin

The ballerina and the inner-city youth pastor.
She’s known privilege. He’s known hardship.
Her dad builds casinos. His dad battles a gambling addiction.
How can it possibly work?
A little divine intervention.

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After a rough childhood in Chicago, youth pastor Chase Landers loves his work with inner-city kids in Indianapolis. His prayers to find a woman who can handle the demands and stress of a man called to full-time ministry have gone unanswered. Resigned to bachelorhood, he pours his heart and soul into his work.

Heather Montague grew up with privilege but despises the way her father made his millions. Gutsy and smart, she’s found success as a principal dancer with the Indianapolis City Ballet. After a string of failed romances, she’s given up on finding a man unless God plants one right in front of her and makes it clear that he’s the one.

When this Best Man and Maid of Honor get to know one another during the wedding festivities for their friends, Sawyer Mancini and Ava Carlisle, neither one can imagine a future together in spite of a strong mutual attraction. Raised in opposite worlds, Chase and Heather are determined to resist one another. But it seems the Almighty—not to mention their friends—might have other plans.

Will pursuing a relationship lead to eventual heartache…or the kind of love to last a lifetime?

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