Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday's 5 Free Books plus Note

Some of you are having trouble getting the free books. If we list a book as free and it's only free for Kindle Unlimited then one of two things has probably happened. You either live in an area where this book is not free or the book changed back to paid between the time we posted it and the time you saw it. We DO NOT post books as FREE that are only free on Kindle Unlimited. We only post TRULY FREE books as not to confuse people. It is super important that you check the price on Amazon to see if it is still free or free in your area before purchasing. We have absolutely no control over what Amazon does with their pricing, we only report what we find each morning. If you miss a deal don't sweat it, we post free books almost every day. My personal ebook library is over 10,000 books from checking the freebies every day for years. Thanks for following along.

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