Monday, April 18, 2016

Free Today! Sewing for the Insane by Rachel S. Neal #BookSpotlight

Star Hewitt has a secret. She wants it tucked aside with the other remnants of her childhood, but some secrets refuse to be forgotten.

And it isn't the only one. Fear dwells in the Hewitt household since Star's brother came home from the war. As James battles an unseen enemy, her family hides the wounds from their small community.

One brisk day in 1947, the secrets collide. Fifteen year old Star flees her home and finds herself locked within another - Westfield Estate, the home for the insane.

Truth will unlock the doors. But how can she betray her brother? To what lengths must she go to save him, and to save herself? The knot securing her to sanity won't hold indefinitely.

"As You Sew, so Shall You Reap" is embroidered on linen and tacked to the church wall where the women gather to mend clothing for Westfield Estate. For Star, it is more than a proverb. She is sewing for herself.

Free Today!

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