Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Free Today - Testimonies of a Good God: Seeing God's Goodness Through the Clouds of Life

Do you struggle to see God as a good God? Do you doubt His goodness when life doesn't go your way? Do you want a deeper, more personal relationship with the Lord? Do you wonder if God still does miracles today?

If you have wrestled with any of these questions, then this book is for you!

This is an amazing true story, of God’s goodness, grace and miracles.

Byron speaks simply and openly of how God has shown His goodness through some really tough circumstances.

Through the death of his sister, the near death of his brother, a heartbreak after a failed relationship, attempted shootings, car wrecks, bad medical reports, and many trials, Byron testifies of the goodness and grace of God when life just didn’t make sense.

But this book is not just about trials, it’s about faith, hope and victory in Jesus. It’s about the amazing victory Byron and his wife Tammie have experienced in Jesus, even through the times when it felt like God was absent.

It’s not a “Christian cheerleading” book, saying God is good and life has been so easy. No there have been some real challenges, but Byron has still seen God’s goodness and faithfulness shine through the challenges. This book encourages you to dig deeper into scripture, to grow your relationship with the Lord and stretches your faith to believe that God is still the God of the impossible.

Finishing the book you’re left with an excitement and joy to start reading your Bible. Eager to learn more how to practically apply God’s Word more in everyday life. If God did it them, then surely He could do it for you too.

Free Today!

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