Monday, May 2, 2016

Book Spotlight: Spring Dawn (Seasons of Faith Book 3) by Rebekah Lyn - Just $0.99!

As spring warms the trendy downtown district of Orlando, Florida, reconnect with Lizzie, Jeff, Ian, Stephen and Michelle. There is romance in the air and Lizzie Reynolds is crazy in love with Ian Cavanaugh. He is everything she had ever dreamed of, handsome, kind, funny and most importantly a man who loves God. So why is she not returning his calls? Ian is confused and frustrated as Lizzie uses work to excuse the distance she is putting between them. Will his patience reach a breaking point before Lizzie has the courage to reveal the fear that is tearing her apart?

Just $0.99 Today! Also, check out book 1 which is #free and in today's Free Book Post.

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