Friday, October 7, 2016

Mistletoe Memories: Six New Inspirational Holiday Romances Just $0.99!

Mistletoe Memories…Six new inspirational holiday romances from some of your favorite authors.

Wrapped in Love by Leah Atwood: Cara Scott doesn’t know why she stays in Weatheron. No career opportunities, no family, and no husband prospects. The only man who interests her, Jase McCade, doesn’t date, and hasn’t since a nasty breakup several years prior. Stuck in a rut, she contemplates leaving the only home she’s ever known. Jase McCade loves Cara, but a previous relationship leaves him hesitant to giveaway his heart. When he notices Cara has been down in the dumps lately, he knows he has to act soon or risk losing her. The annual Weatherton Christmas Extravaganza presents him with the perfect opportunity to show his love for her. Can a single weekend filled with Christmas charm change everything?

The Heart of Christmas by Belle Calhoune: Christmas hasn’t been the same for Eden Lassiter since the death of her beloved grandmother four years ago. Gran was the heart of Christmas and Eden hasn’t embraced the spirit of the season ever since losing her. In fact, she’s lived a fairly reclusive life other than her job as a vet’s assistant at The Country Vet practice. When a stranger shows up at on Eden’s doorstep one stormy evening, she is shocked to discover the handsome man is none other than her childhood friend, Brady Shepard. He’s all grown up now and gorgeous. Now a veterinarian, Brady is taking over the practice for his ailing grandmother, Vicky Shepard, who happens to be Eden’s boss. As Eden and Brady begin to work together, Eden’s heart begins to open up to the spirit of the season…and to Brady.

Moonlight and Mistletoe by Kristen Ethridge: Whitt Peoples knew this Christmas would be the worst holiday he could ever face, as he returned to Port Provident to say goodbye to his dying grandmother. He hopes to slip into town and back out without running into the family who turned their back on him when he was a kid. Samantha Spaeth isn’t afraid of anything, except the fact that she is running out of time to save one of Port Provident’s most historic landmarks. When Whitt asks her to navigate Port Provident’s history in order to help him discover the secrets from his own past, she accepts the challenge because she needs all the allies she can find to preserve the island’s heritage.Can a woman who lives for a love of the past make Christmas meaningful for a man who’s spent his whole life running away?

Mistletoe Wedding Reunion by Danica Favorite: When Nate Higgins arrives for his best friend’s wedding weekend at a Colorado mountain lodge, the last person he expects to see is his old flame, Cordelia Blake. He’d always thought they’d be walking down the aisle as man and wife, not members of the same wedding party. When their unresolved past creates discord between the bride and groom, can Nate and Cordelia made amends long enough to save the wedding…and maybe find a way to have a wedding of their own?

It Was You by Jessica Keller: Natalie Rhodes vowed she’d never return to King’s Cove. But after her business failed, she’s forced to go home. At Christmastime, no less. When Tanner Avery offers her a temporary job as a fill-in chef at the resort he runs, Natalie believes it could be her ticket out of town. However, growing feelings for Tanner along with a Christmas mystery end up making it more difficult to leave than Natalie ever imagined.

Forever Christmas Kiss by Jolene Navarro: Isabella Cortez is a small town librarian with a large family and has been in one too many weddings. This Christmas might be the worst. Not only is she still single, but she is standing in her twin brother’s second wedding. His best man is the opposite of everything she wants in a husband--an artist, and the biggest Peter Pan she has ever met. Xavier Sanchez grew up in foster care, and has no family or traditions. He lives in the moment, which gets him in trouble. Can the rock steady librarian help give him roots? Can he teach her to take a risk and fly?

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