Monday, October 17, 2016

Searching for Home (Spies of Chicago Book 1) by Jessica Keller

"Flawed, relatable characters and tear-jerking scenes remind readers that God’s love is unconditional." -Romantic Times review of Keller's book Home for Good.

"Keller creates a relaxed pace and solid character development, including the secondary characters." -Romantic Times review of Keller's book The Widower's Second Chance

She thought a dead relative ruined her life, but discovering his story will save it instead.

When the story of Whitney’s long-dead anarchist ancestor, Lewis Ingram, makes front-page news, she must find a way to exonerate her relative, or risk losing everything—her mayoral-candidate boyfriend and her job at a local magazine. Aided by Nate, a volunteer at the Chicago Historical Foundation, she digs in, determined to find a positive spin on the situation. But what awaits her isn’t spin at all. It’s truth—and it will change her life.

In the world of 1886, Ellen Ingram and James Kent didn’t intend to get caught in the middle of an anarchist spy ring. Ellen was content to leave all such intrigue to her brother, Lewis Ingram. But as the political climate in Chicago changes, Ellen and James have no choice. In the midst of the famous Haymarket Riot, both realize that they must live the life God created them for, not the one dictated by society.

Two generations encounter the same truth—and neither will ever be the same.

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