Thursday, November 17, 2016

Book Spotlight: Annals of Wynnewood Trilogy by Chautona Havig

Shadows & Secrets: No one knows what the cloaked creature is or why it is so terrifying. The villagers of Wynnewood only know that they must stay away from 'the creature' for fear of their physical and spiritual safety. An unfortunate encounter with a dragon introduces Philip Ward to the creature, and to his surprise, he finds a friend, confidante, and companion in more adventure than he'd ever dreamed possible. Follow Philip and the creature as they rescue a lame child, discover 'pirate treasure', and test the mettle of true friendship Shadows & Secrets is the first book in the Annals of Wynnewood.

Cloaked in Secrets: Searching for the elusive unicorns of Wynnewood's forests sends Philip and Dove on an adventure that threatens more than the freedom of the beautiful creatures. Will their quest to satisfy Lord Morgan's desire to own a unicorn cost Dove everything- even her life?

Beneath the Cloak: The Journey of a Lifetime begins in Wynnewood. After three years of friendship, adventures, dangers, and triumphs, Dove still wrestles with the ultimate question. Is I AM the God of her heart? While Philip struggles with the direction of his own life, his friend’s secret threatens to divide more than friends. Who is Dove? What is Dove? And can Philip truly accept her when he discovers who is beneath the cloak she wears? The adventure continues beyond anything either of them could have imagined.
With Philip studying at Oxford, who will help Dove as she struggles with trusting I AM, and who will come to her rescue as she’s whisked away to the caves of the Sceadu in the middle of the night? Lord Morgan is torn as the news arrives that both of his young friends are in trouble. Can the Earl of Wynnewood come to the rescue in time?
Beneath the Cloak is the final book in the trilogy of adventure surrounding Philip and Dove of Wynnewood.

One reviewer writes: A little fantasy, a little mystery, an insight to an interesting time in history, and tops it off with how God can work in lives through His people by their words and their deeds.

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