Friday, November 18, 2016

Mail Order Brides: Sometimes Love is only an Advertisement Away (9 Stories of Mail Order Love)

In a time when men outnumbered women, and women sought one of the only avenues available to them, mail order weddings were prominent out west. Nine authors came together bringing you everything from full length to short story, from springtime to Christmas. Settle back and enjoy a simpler time when men and women met through letters.

What reviewers are saying:

This is a wonderful collection of books by nine different authors with the theme of mail-order brides. Since this is one of my favorite themes in historical fiction, I was excited for the chance to read & review this collection, and I was not disappointed! I especially loved the faith-thread each author portrayed throughout their stories, and how each character grew in their relationship with Him.

Enjoy reading about Christian Church couples being brought together through the grace of God.

These are just good, wholesome stories of love. I enjoyed every story and I am sure that I will read more stories by each of the writers.

Just $0.99 Today.

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