Tuesday, November 8, 2016

WordPlay: New Christian Parables: The Ventriloquist & The Blind Architect by Jwyan C. Johnson

Just imagine a biblical playground of 12 New Parables where the scriptures actually play along with you! WordPlay® is a twist-n-learn experience of fun mystery & a better bible memory at the same time, on the same page! Discover a ventriloquist without his puppet, watch a blind architect, and witness a hide-n-seek champion who finally finds himself! With plenty more tales, and with the symbolism of today, you're all set to share Morals, Fun Facts, the Instant Replay & Family Skits to instantly inspire the bible study in others! For all ages.

Free Gifts Included:

A printable handout for all Bible-lovers.
An award-winning Shareable Parable
Get a sneak peek at Book 2

Each parable inside comes in 3 formats:

Story Version
WordPlay Version
Family Skits Version

Have Sunday School at home with your family's favorite teacher: You! Inspire with New Christian Parables for all ages. Get your copy today!

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