Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Book Spotlight: Second Chance Series by Mary E. Hanks

Winter's Past

Can God mend their broken hearts?

In this heartwarming Christian romance novel by Mary E. Hanks, Ty Williams regrets what happened in his and Winter's marriage ten years ago. He knows most of that was his fault. But today, his heart is full of thanksgiving to God for redeeming and changing his life. Now, if only Winter could forgive him too. He doesn't deserve a second chance with her--not by a long shot--but that's the very thing he's praying for.

Winter never wanted to see Ty Williams, her ex, again. But when her speaking engagement lands her in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho--a city she's avoided for ten years because of him--what can she do? Seems she has two choices. Hide. Or face her past. Can God help her forgive the man she hasn't been able to forget?

April's Storm

April is sure there's only one thing to do--leave Alaska for good!

In this contemporary Christian romance novel by Mary E. Hanks, April Gray is sick of lectures on how to become the perfect pastor's wife. Seems she can't do anything right as a "PW!" Not to mention, her husband's around-the-clock vigilance to the church is driving her crazy! Has he fallen out of love with her? Why doesn't he want to spend time with her?

Being a pastor means everything to Chad. He thought April knew that when he married her. Why can't she see he's doing the work of ten men? He doesn't have time for romance when he barely has time to eat. If only there were more hours in the day, he could do more!

Conceding their marriage needs help, Chad agrees to attend a conference with April, where Ty and Winter Williams are sharing their journey of second chances. At first, he struggles with his pride. He's given these types of seminars himself! But God has such a beautiful way of speaking to hearts.

Will a desperate hike up Deer Mountain teach Chad something about humbleness and his need for brokenness and healing in his marriage?

Summer's Dream

Can their broken hearts be mended?

In this contemporary Christian romance, Summer dreamed of becoming an artist and painting natural beauty on canvas. But everything changed when she married Joshua Hart, a man carrying a powerful dream of his own. One night, he stormed out of their marriage to pursue a life as a musician, leaving her alone and--unbeknown to him--pregnant.

Five years later, Summer is raising her daughter and managing the family's camp and retreat center--doing fine on her own. But her world turns upside down the day her "almost" ex-husband returns. Only this Joshua Hart is far different from the man she married five years ago. He's humble, kind and tender, and he even professes to know God. Can she trust him? Should she? Problem is, she's awfully attracted to him still. Will that ever change?

Josh has done a lot of stupid things in his life. Leaving his wife for a five-year road trip was one of his worst decisions. After living a lifetime of regrets, he heads home to try to make amends. However, he's shocked beyond belief to find a four-year-old blue-eyed darling who calls him "Daddy" living at Hart's Camp. Not to mention the jaw-dropping attraction he still feels for Summer Day! Can he make amends with his wife and daughter? Or is it too late?

Ty and Winter Williams, marriage-retreat speakers, share their heartwarming story of second chances, and Summer and Josh must face the choices they've made. Is God's grace enough to carry them through their divorce? Or can He help them find their way back to love?

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