Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Amish of Swan Creek Novella Series by Tattie Maggard - Newly Released

Welcome to Swan Creek Settlement where the people are friendly, the pace is slow, and the food home-cooked. You can stay a weekend or even longer at the home of Naomi Schwartz, but don't expect to pay. A little help with the dishes is payment enough. If you're lucky, she might even make one of her famous apple bowls for you. You can visit the woodshop where Naomi's son, David, works with is brothers. Then you can read the Bible with them by lantern light, or go on a buggy ride into Asheville. You'll attend singings, weddings, work frolics, and even Christmas with your new Swiss Amish friends. Who knows, you might even pick up a few Swiss German phrases. Then, if you're able to tear yourself away, you'll take the peace of God with you, never forgetting the time you spent at Swan Creek.

These stories all stand alone, but there are spoilers if not read in order.

The Amish of Swan Creek is a Christian novella series about a fictitious Swiss Amish community in southern rural Missouri. The Swiss Amish differ from the Pennsylvania Dutch in many ways, including their language, use of open buggies, and burial customs. While the two groups may freely associate, they typically do not intermarry, possibly due to the language barrier.

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