Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Most Powerful Man I Never Knew: A Journey to Healing the Father Wound by Levi Carter

Fatherlessness is an American story... The staggering statistics have told us time and time again, that it's no longer a weed to be pulled from the garden of society, but rather, the soil from which they have all grown. So how can we let the healing remedy of the Gospel, and the crimson salve of the Cross, come paint the dark world of father-absence in a new and brighter light? First, we must find the courage to allow it to come and repaint our own dark history.

The Most Powerful Man I Never Knew explores this journey. Healing is found as we submerge our hearts in God’s character, holy scripture, and an authentic experience of inviting Christ into our wound. Each chapter is a movement from brokenness to wholeness. These 15 sacred movements are messy, courageous, and beautiful. As we step into our pain-filled past and present, we find that within each memory, disappointment, and hurt, is a doorway into the Father’s heart.

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