Sunday, April 15, 2018

Book Spotlight - Choice of The Mighty: Chronicles of Stephen by Kenyon T. Henry

Stephen, a young man with a powerful gift to hear and control thoughts of others, returns home to Saint Louis, Missouri after his good intentions led to tragedy. His mind being torn, and nearing insanity, paranoia starts to set causing him to think he is constantly being watched. With the help of his mentor, however, he begins to understand his gift and how to control it. As he begins to seek out his purpose, he is left asking, "Why me?"

Stephen soon finds himself an unwilling participant in a war that has waged for several millennia, and is forced to choose sides in a battle he never believed in. The deeper he goes the more he understands what is at stake—his life, his soul, and even the fate of humanity. And, he can't shake the feeling that something, or someone, isn't quite what they seem. Is this feeling a sign of his paranoia returning? Will Stephen find the justice he seeks? Or, will his quest lead to vengeance and a thirst for more power? This modern day supernatural tale is filled with twists, suspense, and action, leaving you wanting for more!

What readers are saying:

He (the author) has created a world within the world we live in. He didn't dump me into it right away. He slowly and meticulously opened one door after another to expose through the eyes of the protagonist a centuries old battle between good and evil forces.

I found this book to be uplifting and encouraging. Stephen's struggle between good and evil is one we all face. The stage is set...I will be watching for the next book in the series.

I normally don't read Fantasy/Sci-fi books, but this book was chosen by the book club I'm a member of. I find it fascinating how the author was able to create a mysterious world of good and evil with seemingly normal humans (living amongst everyday people) with hidden superpowers and the added element of Christianity. The mix of Biblical teachings and superpowers made for a unique read. Twists,turns and surprises along the way. Feels like a continuing saga with more books to come.

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