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  1. has anyone tried the free Audio Book trial for 30 days (Amazon)?
    I was wondering how much they cost after the trial is over?
    That price is not listed!

    1. I haven’t bought an Audible membership because my public library offers so many eaudios. I recently looked into an Audible membership, and it looks to me like you get one credit per month for $14.95, and that credit can be used for any book, no matter how high the listed price is. Members can save up credits instead of using the credit each month. There’s a 30% discount off list price of books for members who want to buy additional books. Or something like that. Perhaps an Audible member will eventually chime in.

      You don’t have to be a member to purchase from Audible, but you’ll need to start an account, which is free to do. Amazon offers some classics in the Kindle format for free, and an Audible edition can be added for 99 cents or so. I found a few classics for even cheaper at the Audible site. I would look at the Whispersync for Voice $0.99 classics page, listen to the audio there, search for that title at Audible, figure out which edition is offered with the Kindle edition, look for other cheap Audible editions, listen to the voices, scan reviews, and either purchase the edition that can be bought with the Kindle edition or buy a different edition. BTW, if you don’t buy the Audible edition when you get the free Kindle, you can buy it at a later time since the Audible pages for a book will show the Whispersync for Voice prices after you’ve gotten the Kindle edition. Not every Kindle edition of a particular book is linked to an Audible edition. If it is linked, it will include the add-on option at the Kindle page.

      You may be able to get other Audible books cheaply if you have Kindle books. I’ve gotten some Christian fiction for $1.99 each. To find out what Kindle books you own also have Whispersync for Voice editions available, use the link at .

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  2. I believe it starts at $14.95/month and it is through Audible. Hope this helps.

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